Dog parks by the bay

Friday, April 6, 2007 at 5:22 pm 2 comments

Perhaps the two best areas to exercise your dogs in San Diego County are  Fiesta Island, which is huge, and the absolutely enticing beach dog area in Coronado. Dogs are as fascinated by water and the things that come out of it as people are. Dogs just have no inhibitions about tasting some of it.

There used to be an area where you could take dogs on one of the bay beaches, maybe Shelter Island, but that is long gone. And that worked better for people anyway, as the water got deeper quickly and dog paddling was mandatory about six feet out.

The communities are recognizing the power of the 67% of homes that have pets (stole that stat from a previous blogger) and erecting fenced dog parks all around. But the possibility of being next to the water is almost gone. The Coronado beach dog park is terrific, and there is never enough parking. Fiesta Island is great parking, but it may soon be developed into something else entirely, leaving no water contact for those dogs and owners who really get that extra thrill from retieved wet and salty tennis balls and new found sticks.

With the Navy taking all the area around Pt. Loma, then the fancy marinas with all those expensive boats, the San Diego waterfront turning to industry and you head south, then more Navy, then National City, the estuary of the Sweetwater river and finally some filled land being scheduled for big hotel re-development. Do you suppose that big hotel will allow their guests to have dogs? That too, is a growing trend. And just maybe those travelling dogs would enjoy a bayside romp in the shallows just down the street from their temporary home. Maybe they could even meet some locals to share a Milk-Bone with later. A west side calm water bayside dog park is an excellent idea.

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Owning the dog or your choice in California Action by dog lovers, enough?

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  • 1. stehekin  |  Saturday, April 7, 2007 at 11:54 am

    Developers have all the $$ and all the say around this area. Dog parks are pretty far down the line. There’s a new one in a shopping center in east Chula Vista. It’s Otay Ranch shopping center, I think. I went there right after it opened and took my dog. It’s brand new, but it’s kind of small. Not really that great for a dog of any size. I was exercising my dogs in a ballpark. It was really nice and the county park maintenance folks did not mind. I even cleaned up some of the trash strewn on the field and left behind by the little leaguers and the maintenance workers liked that. Then, some jerk little league manager saw me out there one morning with my dog and threw me out. He had signs errected that said no dogs allowed. Really made me mad, because I was cleaner than the kids using the park!! It’s really hard to find good places to exercise dogs and any place we do have, we need to fight to keep!

    – JMHO

  • 2. Jack  |  Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 8:20 pm


    I\’m going to look into this and let you know what I find.


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