Action by dog lovers, enough?

Monday, April 9, 2007 at 10:27 pm 1 comment

Well, the tenth of April is here. How will it end for California’s dog lovers? Today is the day the Business and Professions Committee of the Assembly considers Assemblyman Levine’s bill AB1634. They may allow it to move forward or stall it to never see the light of day again. This is the bill that poses a surgical threat to every intact dog and cat over four months of age in the state. For some of the older animals this bill is a death sentence. For some of the younger animals this bill is a death sentence. For all it is a hazard. For their owners, it spells expense and the chance of losing  their pet. It is not a good bill. Why is it disguised as the “California Healthy Pets Bill”? It has nothing to do with making pets healthier.

Ther has been a flurry of activity all over the state. And interactions from people not in California to influence legislators within California. Finally, the dog fanciers are coming together. But will they be strong enough to repel this attack on property rights? That’s right, it is an attack on property rights and dog ownership, not an attempt to reduce shelter populations. Think about that, citizens! What property will be the next subject?

The largest dog show in the AKC list of dog shows was in California in 2006,- 4,161 dogs. That fell to 4,013 dogs for the same show in 2007, but it is likely that it was still the AKC single largest show.  In any event, the community hosting that show received about $3 Million a day from all those dogs folks staying there to show their dogs, getting the judges opinions as to whether they had prime breeding stock to properly continue the breed. There were shows on Saturday and Sunday. And several single breed shows on Friday. So, about $6Million was dropped in and around Indio, California in 2006 and 2007, just by the dog show folks. Do you think all those business in Indio want dogs to go away?

I bet they have not been told about this bill. Nor have the people in Long Beach who run that town’s convention center- the place where the fabulous Eukanuba Invitational Championship Show was held in December. Have the dog people done enough?

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Dog parks by the bay Action by Dog Lovers, continued….

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  • 1. stehekin  |  Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 4:51 am

    You talk about the affect of this bill on dog show people, but what about us average dog owners? I see the handwriting on the wall! First they have upped the price of licensing our dogs. Keeping a dog in tact is very expensive. Then, in our city, they changed the wording in the municipal code from dog owner to dog guardian. My dog is no longer my “property”. I am his “guardian” and the way I see it, he can be taken away from me. Now, some idiot in Sacramento with a knee jerk reaction to pet over population want to spay and neuter everything. This is outrageous! Not only should the dog show people be up in arms, but all veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, doggie boutique owners, doggie day care, dog food companies – anyone who derives their livelyhood from dogs should be fighting this. Think of the consequences of this insane bill! People who accidentally have a litter will dump their pups on animal shelters or in the country, so as not to get caught. Veterinarians will be going out of business, or have to resort to treating other types of animals. There will be no dogs to treat. Dog food companies will go bankrupt. Groomers will close. There will be a huge black market in dogs. Mexico will, of course, get into the act, smuggling dogs. Could be very profitible for them. Disease, of course will accompany pups from there. It already has. It’s a no win situation and people don’t recognize the true seriousness of this bill. I hope people wake up, before it’s too late! Write your representatives! This bill has got to be defeated!


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