Action by Dog Lovers, continued….

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Dateline: Sacramento, Business and Professions Committee of the California Assembly, Subject AB1634, the “Healthy Pets Bill” 10 April 2007

About 260 civilians with axes to grind attended the Business and Professions Committee hearing on Assembly Bill 1634 this morning. They seemed evenly divided between proponents and opponents, all with extreme energy and solid convictions as to why their side should prevail. In the face of this type of determination, the committee members quickly decided the proper course of action to forestall a riot-continue the bill for another two weeks, until April 24, allowing them time to digest the multitude of facts presented by each side of the adamant advocates. Surely they know that each side will again pour a deluge of additional information upon them, compounding their confusion. Prediction: It will be the side with the most volume that wins!

That is the way the Federal Government decides who gets the most attention-they weigh the mail! And on some federal animal issues in the past those organizations previously mentioned had printed, distributed and mailed some tons of post-paid cards and letters. Remember, they can do that with the tax-free money you contributed to them. Meanwhile, you stand to lose your rights and ownership to your dog or cat.

The problem, distilled to the purest question, is,”How do you distinguish the dedicated , knowledgeable, ethical breeder from the ‘backyard breeder’ who breeds for reasons other than to improve the breed?” About the only answer that offers any true distinction is another question,”Are they members of a dog club?” If yes, the folks seeking a puppy have a much better chance of a full, happy life with their new pet. And the pet has every possibility of a place to go should things turn bad for their new family. The shelters in it’s future have been eliminated.

Keep in mind that the shelters have become members of the pet industry in the past 40 years. They depend a lot on adoption fees to stay in business. So much so that many shelters will not let their apparent purebreds go to the rescues for their breeds, despite payment of the regular fees, because it diminishes them in the eyes of the public. The perception becomes that they only have mixed breed shelter dogs for adoption. Purebred dogs are EASIER to adopt out, because that is what the public wants, generally speaking.

And despite the fact that shelter populations have been decreasing steadily at 5% to 11% depending on community factors, the shelter personnel keep howling for more budget and tougher laws. The budget is their income (with adoption fees and licenses paid). The laws are simply their vocalization of the anguish they feel upon having to perform the hardest part of their job-the euthanasia of apparently healthy but time-expired dogs and cats. We feel that way, too, but we are not employed in the job. It is the fanciers job to see that none of their breeding results never enter a shelter. They do it, and avoid that agony.

So now, fanciers and pet owning citizens alike, the current job is to study this bill and compare it to the heap of facts available. Form an education answer and then act! Contact your assembly person, especially  if they are on the Business and Professions Committee, before April 24. Make your thoughts and conclusions known to them.Look into both sides of this issue well. You may be asked about it, so have some answers ready. And stand your ground. Government of, by and for the people may not be dead as of now! 

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