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Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 3:34 pm Leave a comment

With the awful incident and circumstances at Virginia Tech dominating the news, I just felt that taking a day off was quite appropriate. But I could not help but wonder whether having the comfort of a dog might have mellowed the stress the shooter felt and kept this from happening. What do you think? Somehow I do not think this is the same type of criminal that tortures animals and graduates to humans. Maybe the non-discriminating response of a faithful dog could have changed this twisted man into an acceptable person.

On to another subject- The Pet Food Recall. Now our own US FDA is investigating if it is possible that the melamine was added to boost the protein count in the food. It seems to have turned up in wheat gluten, rice, and now corn. The mystery deepens. There does not seem to be any use of the corn products in the United States. The involvement of rice products seems to be quite limited and applies only to a venison and rice product made by Natural balance, who issued their own recall. This applies to a very limited production series by Natural Balance, who is acting superbly responsible. Kudos to them.

And, as usual, the dangers to dog ownership plow forward in the California Assembly. AB1634 is still sitting there festering, building to a boil on the face of the state. It has been amended as of April 17, making it the third time amendments have been attempted-“to clarify provisions of the bill”.

What is startlingly clear is that this bill would deprive many Californian of constitutional property rights. Others would be deprived of the results of decades of carefully planned animal husbandry. Others would have their entertainment ripped away. All of California would suffer economically. And as California and New York go-so goes the nation, sooner or later.

The way I would like to see California go is this: I would like to see the voters all go to vote, and take back government by the people, of the people and for the people. What do you people say?

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