Once upon a time-a few years from now

Friday, April 20, 2007 at 7:54 pm 1 comment

C’mon Honey, let’s go out.

Where are we going, Mommy?

We are going to the dog park, Honey.

What’s a dog, Mommy?

A dog was an animal that people before us kept as a pet, a companion, an alarm system or as a co-worker, Honey. They looked like those wolves in the hills, and the coyotes and foxes that we see in the streets.

Well, if dogs did all that stuff, why don’t we have any here? If they looked like those animals, why did they do all those good things for us? Those animals are wild and mean, Mommy!


Well, dogs were different. There was something in them that let them understand people, and made them want to be with people and help people.


What happened to them, Mommy?


Some people did not take proper care of some of them and other people said we didn’t deserve the ones we did take care of. So those people made a law that said nobody could have them, and nobody stopped it when they could.  And all the dogs got old and died, and no more could be born. So now we have no more dogs.


Why do we have dog parks, Mommy?

Before that law, people thought it would be good to have places where the dogs could run and play with their people. So cities and counties set aside places where they could enjoy time with their people and each other.


But why do we have dog parks NOW, Mommy?


This is where we all come to mourn, Honey. There are those people who remember, or read books and just know how good life was to have a dog who thought the world of it’s owner. We come here to remember what we never had, because when all the dogs were gone there was no way to bring them back. They are extinct.


This is the saddest place on Earth now, Honey.

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First Things First A Time of Decision

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  • 1. msperfection  |  Friday, April 20, 2007 at 8:40 pm

    I read this and had to leave a comment. It is amazing how few pleasures we people find in the world anymore. The one thing that has been steadfast since time began is the unconditional love and respect our dogs have shown us. Sure, in the beginning most likely they “hung around” for food and survival. However, over eons, they have evolved and are truly our companions who we turn to for love and understanding, when our fellow man lets us down. Our society shuns it’s elder population – such a very sad state of affairs. The one thing our seniors have to hold onto when society turns its back is the love of a dog or cat. It’s been proven that dogs contribute to the emotional and physical wellbeing of people. So one has to ask – WHY?? Why would our simple-minded, self-absorbed, egotistical and misdirected lawmakers ever consider a bill such as the mandatory spay neuter bill, that will have the ultimate effect of decimating our dog population and destroying the purebred dog we’ve all come to know and love?

    I just don’t understand it. This bill will make it impossible to own a dog because once that dog passes on, there will not be any to take it’s place and give comfort and love to a deserving owner. What a sad state of affairs for this twisted State! I can only hope good sense will overcome this blatant attempt at eradication of our dog and cat population.


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