Mandatory Spay/Neuter=1, Good sense=0

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 11:29 am 1 comment

This morning the Business and Professions Committee of our Assembly cleared the way for a full Assembly vote on AB1634, the misnamed “Healthy Pets Act”. by Assemblymember Lloyd Levine, inheritor of the animal rights Assembly throne of retired Assemblymember Rosenthal.Our own Shirley Horton sided with the traditional side, properly stating that the San Diego area had rejected such measures in the past. Assemblymember Horton has had direct contact with dog fanciers in the past, and understands the fact that dog clubs do support shelters with time and money and materials. She also is very aware of the commerce generated by non-dog-selling activities such as dog shows. We owe her some gratitude for this courageous vote. Assemblymember Horton deserves further support at home and in the Assembly for this and other efforts to preserve our freedoms.

Now there is a lot to be done, if we are to preserve our freedom to have the dog of our choice. There will be a vote of the full Assembly. It is doubtful that this bill can be stopped there. Just take a look at what the people of California have elected Think about that, dog lovers.

Following the Assembly, the bill goes to the Senate for their version to pass or fail. The Senate will also have committees to analyze and give it a pass/fail grade. Proper education of all Senators is now paramount. And we must educate ourselves to the best way to present this set of facts. But we must also present a set of probable outcomes, should it pass there. And there is much to learn on both sides.

The task is to prove that this law will hurt far more people than dogs it will help.

Can that be done? Yes, if lawmakers will listen to facts and reason.

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A Time of Decision Picking up pieces, grass roots gathering

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  • 1. laopus  |  Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    California Healthy Pets – why are you putting through a State Law which should be handled on a City or County Level? How dare you encompass everyone under one view? Do you know there are puppy mills across the border that smuggles in sickly puppies, how is your law going to stop that? I live in a City which has leash laws, doggie waste bags in every park; we do not have the problem you seem to have in the rest of your world. My City has actually done something progressive, it actually enforces their laws. Our Police do not have their hands tied by a Mayor who wants to become President. Why do you not spend your time on issues which encompass the State? Why don’t you work on the “illegal” problem or do you use “undocumented”. That is a State issue. There are only a few Cities which have the strength to do what the State should be doing.

    My God Man, do some actual work which will benefit the State, why do you think you were voted into office. Leave me and my Dog alone.


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