Picking up pieces, grass roots gathering

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This day, after dog and cat ownership by the citizens of California suffered the greatest loss ever, has turned into a regrouping of resources by the fancies for those animals. AB1634 now goes to the appropriations committee of the Assembly, to see if Californians can afford the cost. Trouble is, the cost will only be measured in dollars and cents. It may actually cost millions of dollars to enforce and there is actually no sense involved. It will actually be a de-stabilizing factor in the government of California, building mistrust, suspicion, and even hatred. It has been said that hatred is a form of fear. If that is the case, 67% of California homes may come to fear their state government.

That may be the goal of this bill.

We have many forces at work in our world. Some work in the background in a totally different manner than their avowed public purpose. Even when called to task about public utterances stating what does seem to be their hidden agenda, these glib organizations with educated Svengalis deny any maliscious intent. And go on to perpetuate some hideous comparisons to get their point across.

It is known that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is against pet ownership. Pet ownership is the same as enslaving the animal for human gratification. But they had the gall to come out with a campaign called “Holocaust on your Plate”, comparing eating chicken to be as bad as the actual Holocaust perpetuated during WWII. And , recently two of their employees were convicted of killing and dumping bodies of pets obtained from people under questionable pretenses, giving the owners the impression they would be cared for and found homes. This came to light after many bodies of killed pets were dumped on more than one occasion in dumpsters not owned or leased to PETA. During the investigation it was published that these workers seemed to be in possession of drugs only authorized to veterinarians, which were used to kill the animals. The ultimate crime for which they were convicted-“Littering.” Lawyers! Lawyers paid with tax free donations from well wishing citizens got that lesser conviction for those PETA employees.

PETA takes in over $100 million of those tax free dolars a year. Their classification is the same as your church and the American Red Cross. Should that Classification be changed?

Another group that deserves scrutiny now is the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States). This organization does not operate a shelter anywhere. But they gladly solicit and accept your tax free dollars, which they use to influence elections. Last general election in the US, they spent more money than the National Rifle Association. At least the NRA has the second amendment, which the makers of the constitution thought important enough to include, and which they fervently support. HSUS has no traditional legal stance, other than emotion filled presentations used to pry money from the pockets of people. Lately HSUS has shown all of the attribute of corporate empire builders by absorbing the organizations of The Fund for Animals, when Cleveland Amory passed on, and more recently swallowing the Doris Day Animal league. The combined charitable, non taxable contributions to HSUS now near $300 million. And they have formed a political wing to influence our government in their direction. It is all legal, but is it moral?

It is unknown at this time to this author, if Assemblymember Levine has received any money from HSUS or PETA in this campaign to force AB1634 upon the people of California. But this Bill has all the attributes they would like to see enforced.

Meanwhile, both sides are gearing up to face the next challenges in this fight to retain traditional rights of animal ownership and joys of life.

Stay tuned for updates and opinions. Be sure to leave yours in the remarks section available to you.

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Mandatory Spay/Neuter=1, Good sense=0 Dog Lobbyist?

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