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Please read the previous entry regarding the LOBBYIST.

This fellow, Bill Hemby, seems to really know what to do. And, he is doing it. Check out . At this web site you will find a mailing address to contribute funds. These fund will be accounted for by a professional accounting firm, hired for the purpose. These funds will be under the oversight of a legal firm, hired to prevent violations of the laws which trip up so many of us novices. That is a huge start in arming for this showdown.

May I suggest that each California resident dog fancier, and those friends of ours who can be persuaded, contribute the equivalent of one dog show entry or $25.00 to this fund? And that we reach out to our counterparts in all the other states to ask each of them to contribute a mere $10.00 each to the cause of stopping this now? Do it, NOW!

The logical extension of this action is to assume that the purveyors of this evil action will not stop their efforts, if defeated in California. Terrorists do not give up their religous zeal upon defeat, but move to more defenseless territory. So there will be new areas in need of the same defense. That being the case, Californians will then need to kick in $10.00 for those folks, who then contribute their own $25.00. Ultimately extended, this means that over the war each of us will probably give a total of $25.00 + $10.00 X $49.00 or about $515.00 . Most of this will be in $10.00 contributions as battles foment in various locations. Not so expensive as losing one freedom at a time to these despots, is it?

Write that check and mail it to Sacramento NOW! Get on the internet and rally your friends in other States, NOW!

Meanwhile, keep watching this BLOG for actual statistics from actual California figures which will prove that these folks are lying!  Will they quit when exposed as liars? Heck, no. They will just lie bigger! And cry harder, and accuse us of lying. That is their way, and always will be.

Now there is a very important point for all dog fanciers, lovers and anti AB1634  people to realize. That point is UNITY! we want to defeat AB1634 and retain our freedoms to show our responsibility, rather than have no freedom of decision at all. To this effect, we are all the same, whether we are a commercial dog breeding operation, a dog club member hobby breeder, or a breed at home for money breeder.  No divisivness is acceptable.

Perhaps the only source of dogs that we all can agree should be eliminated is the “accidental” unplanned breeding that occurs when dogs are allowed to run loose and breed indiscriminately. These dogs are said to amount to about 32% of the pound populations of dogs. Cats compose a much larger percentage. But reducing the pound poulations by this amount would be a feather in any body’s cap.

Stay tuned.  visit find links ther for other educational sites.

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Dog Lobbyist? As California goes, goes the world

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