As California goes, goes the world

Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 3:52 pm 2 comments

California has long been a trendsetter for the nation and for the world. Essentially California and New York have the rest of the nation in a pinscher grip, feeding the trends inward from each coast. Lately, California has been the more strident and active actor of the two. Why? And what may result from it?

California has the largest population of any state in the US. Except for New York City, the real estate values are higher than anywhere else in the continental US. And California has the most severe strain from undocumented (illegal) immigration. All these facters and more contribute to a severe pressure felt by California citizens, and something must be done about it!!!  What to do? That is the question.

It seems that the lawmakers know what to do. Just pass another law to squeeze the population a bit harder, create some more misery, drive more people away (remember that California had a 700,000 net population loss last year) and then replace them with people who are happy to be here (read that “undocumented {illegal} immigrants”)

Meanwhile, what will that do to the rest of the nation?

It will send competent, skilled, educated  Californian away to other states. The average wage in California will drop. Income taxes will drop. Exports  to other states will drop. Sales taxes will drop. California will decline.

 And now the lawmakers want to make you sterilize your dog or pay a big fee for permits not to. This will also cause commerce to drop, maybe to the point of recession in this formerly beautiful state.

Dog shows will disappear. this is the source of at least $100 million, and possibly related commerce in the billions. Show dogs MUST be fertile. Dog shows are to find the best breeding stock. Sure, not every show dog litter has all show dog puppies. Eight to ten percent of all puppies born are from show dog stock, and those not of the most excellent prospect are placed with deserving homes to live as good a life as possible. The sources of most of those will dry right up. So will the 30% of puppies  produced by those who breed purebreds at home for an occasional extra dollar. It is doubtful that the 40% or so produced by accidental breedings and random breeding from dogs running loose will be affected. After all, Animal Control does not work at night, when all of that occurs. Once again, the lawmakers are concentrating on molesting the civil citizens, instead of concentrating assets against the serious transgressors.

But, there may be hope. The below is from a national organization which has a definite stake in California Commerce: PIJAC, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, a lobby group which looks after the legitimate interests of legitimate businesses serving the millions of pet owners everywhere. Take note of all below:

 California State Assembly Bill AB 1634 would prohibit any person from owning or possessing an intact cat or dog over the age of 4 months, unless the person has an “intact permit” issued by a local jurisdiction. The owner must meet conditions such as:

1. being licensed as a breeder by the local entity; OR

2. can demonstrate that the cat/dog has been shown in a recognized event, AND

3. is a valid breed registered with an approved registry, AND

4. has earned or is working toward a conformation or other title.

Additional exemptions have been established for some working/service dogs and for cats/dogs for whom it is unsafe to spay/neuter due to age, poor health or illness. A permit would be required to breed your pet, not only costing money, but also forcing people to have their pets registered by one of the major breeding associations. And, if a local community does not establish a permit system, no intact dogs/cats would be legal after 4 months of age. The revisions do not change fundamental objections expressed by thousands of pet owners throughout California. Nor would the new “designer dogs” be licensed unless an acceptable registry was created to register non-traditional breeds/pedigrees and the animals are in competitions or one of the other narrowly defined activities.

Despite several amendments, most private breeders would have to obtain a “business license” even if not doing business. Nor can breeders know by 4 months if their progeny can meet the show or competition standards. Home raised intact dogs/cats by non-show people would come to an end. The most recent round of amendments would negate Federal licenses issued under the Animal Welfare Act as well as outlaw research breeding colonies at institutions such as the UC Davis vet school.

If this bill passes, its impact on grooming supplies, pet foods and accessories and related service industries will be significant. The percentage of dog/cat ownership in California will clearly be impacted when pet owners are faced with substantial license fees, special intact permits, special breeding licenses, and $500 per animal fines.

While thousands wrote, emailed and faxed their opposition and hundreds appeared at the two hearings, AB 1634 passed the Assembly Business and Professions Committee by a 7-3 vote. The bill is now before the Assembly Appropriations Committee where the Committee will have to evaluate its cost impact of state mandated programs on counties and cities.


The above described law, AB1634, is vague and leaves too much to the whims of local jurisdictions. It specifies that local jurisdictions must decide which “registries” qualify for exemptions and permits. It has unrealistic limitations as to how long an animal may compete in shows, saying that “if a championship is not earned in two years, the time expires and it must be sterilized. Heck, some breeds are not even mature enough to show until maybe three years old. Lawmakers are generally ignorant of most things except making law. they have no concept of the effect on the population. Forcing more taxes,permits and rules upon the population is, in this case, cruel and mean because it is solely aimed mostly at people who have been doing things right all along. 

Let your assembly person know you oppose AB1634, now!

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  • 1. yesab1634  |  Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    This is a perfect example of how scare tactics are used as a political ploy. There is no solid foundation for the future predictions claimed in this article. Nobody can predict the future with this kind of accuracy. This is a slanted, scare tactic, very creative piece. No mention of the 400,000 tail wagging animals euthanized each year or the $250 million it costs tax payers. All I can say is if you care enough to develop your own oppinion take a look at who supports AB1634 at Then read the facts for yourself. This is a FAIR proposal. Read it and decide for yourself. Can you think of a better solution? Shelters are overcrowded. It’s not something that is in your face everyday but it EXISTS.

  • 2. sandiegodog  |  Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at 5:19 pm

    AB1634 is not any kind of solution to shelter euthanasia, which has been decreasing annually, nationally, from 5%to 11%, depending on shelter location and area circumstances , since 1990. The proponents of AB1634 do not tell anybody that the entire shelter population is decreasing in every category every year. They do not tell you about imported dogs to keep the shelters in business, or about dog swapping to “balance” out their “product mix”.
    AB1634 is the product of evil minds to 1. control the good citizens of the state through misery, an 2. do away with animals owned as part of the animal rights lobby agenda.
    It is supported by the righteously indignant shelter workers who dedicate significant portions of their lives to this volunteer work, and suffer daily from the nature of it. But people with narrow perspectives should never make laws for everybody, especially when it changes the course of 15,000 years of human animal bonding.


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