United or Fractured Fancy?

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These post were sent out this morning May 9, 2007


It has come to my attention that Levine has been making last minute amendments to his bill before presentation to the Appropriations
Committee. This has come about because of the meetings that CDOC has had with him recently (and continue to have scheduled).Knowing that the general dog fancier DID NOT want compromise, theCDOC went and did that very thing. This enabled Levine and those
that support the bill to say that they are working with “AKC members” on terms.

So while many of us were out there trying to let the general public know about this bill and working at fighting it, we were undermined.
The general public will now feel that once again, the “elitist”purebred people tried to make it better for themselves and left the
general public out in the cold.

Permission to cross post as this needs to get out. The dog fanciers needed to unite and this split faction has just made the work to
defeat this bill much harder. The opposition already had enough obstacles to maneuver; the support side has HSUS money and PETA
backing and the opposition undermines itself right off the bat.

Lori Frost

Last evening, Cathie Turner of CDOC was a guest at our Club BOD meeting.  In regard to the confusing Jan 1, 2009 exemption language in AB1634 , she stated “that is being fixed tomorrow”.  She said that Levine wasn’t aware if its importance to people. 

There were also some other amendments made yesterday. 

Jane Jensen

POST#3 (reply to Post#2)

Oh GREAT! Why don’t they just throw a victory party for Levine and HSUS now and get it over with?

Don’t they realize that this only gives Levine fuel to pass his Bill and put all the little things he’s taken out back in after it is law? I am so upset I’m not sure we shouldn’t come out with NO ON CDOC buttons and T-shirts! PERMISSION TO CROSS POST GRANTED!

Some content of the above was intentionally deleted.-ed

Well, is this fancy united or irrevocably fractured? and where is CFoDC in all of this? And who gave CDOC permission to represent anybody?

I beleive that vanity is the strongest trait of owners/exhibitors in the fancy. Stubbornness runs a strong second. Good sense and humility are way down the list.  Just a little humility might have led folks to talk together and present a strong, resolute front, impregnable to the cajoling of the purveyors of this gruesome bill. Now, you have some folks with an “In” to the author/sponsor who , no matter what, will be taken as spokesmen for the entire fancy. That is because that is all the sponsor of the bill wants to hear. As misdirected as he has allowed himself to be, this writer presumes Mr. levine to be unsalvageable with education.

This is FACT: AB1634 is flawed beyond redemption and will inflict misery and pain upon 62% or more of the California Population. It must not pass!!

Now it seems that a Mr. Hoffman has stated in an article also distributed greatly this morning, originally printed in Dog News, that the fancy needs to be proactive and write a bill of our own.

That may be an answer: Write a bill that mandates records on every category of intake and output of every government Animal Control Agency and every humane society. This bill should also prevent any new bills for a period of 5 years, while data collected is studied. Then, there may , or may not be an actual basis for something as stupid and punitive as AB1634.

MEANWHILE- are we going to roll over to a bill amended by the input of a few “elite” priveleged to have a contact fanciers? Maybe, if they will tell us who apointed them to represent us, and to compromise our position. Think they even have a clue?


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