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Well, Folks, the last weekend was filled with a really fine set of dog shows at the iPay Sports Arena. Friday had a few specialty (one breed) shows sharing the grounds. Saturday found a really smooth all-breed show going great guns. Sunday, another all breed show was pleasantly conducted by Cabrillo Kennel Club. I think all the exhibitors had a good time, and most of the spectators commented favorably. However, the club felt that the site was far too expensive to return there and they are looking to possibly go to the Del Mar Fairgrounds for next year.

Then came the Assembly  Appropriations Committee hearings on AB1634 on Wednesday. Ab1634 was passed out of the committee hearing and is headed for debate upon the floor of the entire Assembly. No date is set at present. This was passed despite the oposition outnumbering the proponents at about two to one, and the volume of mail opposition outweinging the proponent mail at about three to one. It is time to weigh in on your side again, as the author of the bill, who has no pets at all, has amended it again and again, trying to cover all the new areas of discontent that keep popping up. Each new version just confuses it more and more. If it does pass, it will take a herd of lawyers to explain it and everybody will be soaked for more taxes, if you can stay out of jail from it.

Meanwhile, let us do have some enjoyable times and go to the next San Diego County dog show. This will be presented by Bahia Sur Kennel Club at the Southwestern College Soccer Field on June 16 and 17. Parking is free, no admission charge, easy access for disabled, plenty of vendors of doggy goodies, devices and gear. Food and restrooms are near and available. The area is usually swept by a genetle breeze  which keeps it pleasantly cool. It is June, and that usually means overcast until about 10 or 11 and then the breeze keeps it nice. There will be conformation judging, Junior Showmanship,obedience trials and rally obedience trials. The whole thing starts at 8Am and runs till done, usually about 5PM. Dogs that do not win are released to leave, if they wish. So it is wise to get there as early as possible to get the best selection of the breeds you want to see. And seating is limited, so you might want to bring your own folding chairs.

After the regular championship show on Saturday, there will be an all-breed match. This is a practice show for younger dogs and novice handlers, as well as the more experienced. Dogs as young as three months can participate, and judging is only for conformation.  Dogs  must be purebred, but their registration need not be noted. Anyone with a purebred dog of a breed recognized by AKC can participate. But you need to sign up before the event, so the paperwork can have you in theright place at the right time. One nice feature is the “Bred by Exhibitor class. This is where the “rubber meets the road” and folks are the proudest of the home bred pups (what AB1634 would abolish).

If you are coming to just watch, and maybe make contact with a breeder, or just shop, we welcome you heartily. If you are coming to make breeder contact, please wait until the person has shown their dog before approaching them. Times get a little tense before showing, and afterward is the best time.

If you are coming to learn about dog shows, there will be tours, conducted by a veteran dog show person. These tours will be announced periodically over the public address system.

Please leave you own dogs at home, unless there is a specific purpose for having them there. Assistance dogs are always welcome, as their behaviour is predictable and needed. AKC rules state that dogs ineligible for entry in the shows are prohibited from being on the showgrounds. This rule simply makes it possible to hold the owners of misbehaving dogs accountable. And it seldom happens that dogs misbehave at dog shows.

Sadly, I must comment that should AB1634 pass, this may be the very last show that is possible for Bahia Sur Kennel Club. The unrealistic requirements placed upon dog owners by that law may drive them out of state or underground to the point they feel that public appearances are too dangerous to attempt.

Bahia Sur Kennel Club is the recipient of the 1995 AKC Outstanding Club Award, presented at a time when there were only four per year awarded. This was earned by giving aid to the Chula Vista Animal Shelter during a time of great stress upon the city. Members donated many materials, appliances, labor, dog food, and services. The spirit of community service has always been a part of Bahia Sur, and will be as long as the club is allowed to exist. It is with a heavy heart that this blogger looks to a possible future without the celebration of beautiful dogs competing for the best in show award on the fine turf at Southwestern College.  It will take the combined input of all the citizens  of the County of San Diego to voice their opposition to AB1634 to get it defeated in the Assembly and to preserve our traditions of good animal husbandry and sportsmanship in San Diego County. Please do your part and talk to your Assemblyperson.

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