Dog Food, What About it?

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I was recently reading some web post with people whimpering about all the injustices done regarding laws and products available to the dog owners of the world. One comment was posted by a lady from England in which she bemoaned that the dog food companies put ashes in the food. She couldn’t be more wrong, and that inspired me to think about the subject for this blog.

And wouldn’t you know it, I found that even I am out of date on some things. And no, they still do not put ashes in dog food.

Let us settle that misconception of old. It is of old, because the labelling of dog food containers has changed, and to the better as now no one will be led to believe that ashes are in the food. Here is the old story:

There is a basic analysis section of the food contined within the bag. It is usually indicated by a square shape and lists things like crude protein, fat, moisture, etc. It used to have a listing for ash content, which was required and terribly misleading. My current bags from two different manufacturers do not have such a listing. But what if it did, and what did that listing of yesteryear mean?

Previous measurements of dog food contents tried to be accurate and inclusive. However, there are some contents that exist in immeasurable quantities under most circumstances. While moisture, fat and crude protein are measureable, some of the minerals, especially those that are not specifically added, are not readily defineable. For this reason and because they are somewhat important, some measure of these minerals was deemed important. And how do you measure overall mineral content? You burn a measured amount of the product and the ashes left are the unburnable mineral content of that product. Since the amount burned was measured, the measurement of the ashes was expressed as a percentage of the original and printed on the bag, not as mineral content, but as the final form of ash content.

Can you see why the uneducated mind would be led to think the dog food companies were putting ashes in the formula?

Now, for those of you who would like to know more about the food you are feeding your treasured dog, and to keep this blog short, we have two places for you to go and learn a lot. This blog is indeed grateful to the web sites, part one and part two for their research , study and composition of the information.

Please go to:   and

In spite of the recent recalls of food because of scurrilous activities by an unscrupulous Chinese business, and probably because of it, I, personally, have great faith and confidence in the pet food manufacturers in the United States. I have seen dog food go from formulas containing ground corn and tomato pomace and little else to some very good recipes that nourish dogs exceedingly well. We have a lot to be thankful for in the system that provides for the competition to excell in the production of finer products and the ability of the people to buy it. You have many very good choices.

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AB1634 and the Fourth Amendment Reprinted from SignOn San Diego comments with permission of author

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