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As the owner of dogs, and as a fancier of all purebred dogs (admittedly some more than others) I have suffered through an amazing year so far. I am absolutely sure that many or most of you have also shared the agonies over California AB1634, and have also been watching other states as to legislative , legal  and law enforcements actions. Frankly, it is overwhelming to see the torrent of legislation,  the myriad of lawsuits, and the blitzkreig of arrests and seizures. The daily counts are huge! There is no end of subject matter- and seemingly no end of people willing to speak out on each subject. Sifting through the information and online postings is more than a full time job. And, depending on your personal leanings, this activity could drive you bonkers very easily.

First things first: This being a San Diego , California blog, we shall concentrate on local and California events and legislation. And to do that, since AB1634 is still looming on the January horizon, we shall begin with a step by step analysis of this onerous bill. Our analysis will be simply to show the shortfalls, omissions, and negative effects of AB1634, as this blogger is convinced that the concept is so flawed that this bill cannot be enforced without doing irreparable, fatal damage to the societal fabric of this formerly great state. (At this point, California is a great big state, with climate in it’s favor) We shall examine economic, social, legal, and constitutional issues involving AB1634. These shall be published serially, with some other informational subjects interspersed between some 1634 issues of the blog. Doing a concentrated series is difficult and mind bending, and we do not want to pre-empt items of direct local importance, and such postings will give us the needed breather on the subject matter to deliver more clarity.

Reader comments are very important, as we then know you are reading. And I would rather have you disagree with me than agree-as long as we are both clear on the subject. So, please post the comments, regardless of your stance. This is still part of the USA and freedom of speech shall not be abridged in this blog also.

In case you have not noticed, you can subscribe  to the blog, and receive an email, following and consisting of, each new post. Then, you can access the blog and post your comments. This may save you time and , hopefully, will get us some great comments.

Watch for our postings on AB1634 to begin very soon.


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