How many Believed “Proof of the Pudding”?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 11:40 am 1 comment

Those of you who doubted the authenticity of “Proof of the Pudding-No Kidding” are correct. This is a satire written as such from a satirical purpose website.

Those who believed it are undoubtedly very familiar with the activities of animal rights activists and this article fit right in to the profile often expressed by such people.

Those who are skeptical of the last sentence should visit and listen to the audio of Bruce Friedrich, vice president of PETA, talking about the folks who burn and bomb capitalistic enterprises.

We put up the article for two purposes;1. to see what kind of comments we would get, and 2. to see how many would believe it, although there were certain puns imbedded in the article that gave clues as to it’s actual origin. The only comment we got was from a regular reader who said, ”Oops”, then gave the source URL. She caught it. Nobody else commented.

Our next post will be on the possible economic effects of AB1634, should it pass upon resurrection in January, 2008.

We invite all comments, thereby to have a good dialogue with all sides to AB1634.

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Course of future blogs – Keep on Reading AB1634 Analysis Part One, Overview of State of California

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  • 1. semavilady  |  Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    Unfortunately, the parody is deadly accurate about the obsessive nature of some proponents of MSN. That is why the article was so convincing.

    Take, for example, the NY case of the Presa Canario called Spartacus. He doesn’t even live in NY, his owner was a victim of crime… but they want him to come back so they can get him under the scapel. Bail was set at 10K since these so called animal lovers wanted to keep the dog in the stressful conditions of the shelter or euthanize him if owner didn’t agree to have him neutered. Since there were no bondsmen willing to bail out A DOG — the owner posted cash.

    When things like that happen because of issues of MSN, it becomes quite clear that the obsession is no longer a logical compassionate one, but a symptom of ignorance and pathology.

    MSN is no longer about love for a dog, but a surgical tug of war blood sport to win at any cost.


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