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Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 12:37 pm 1 comment

As the fires and smoke recede, and damage estimates are made more firm, plans are made to clear debris and eventually rebuild. For many, the rebuilding will be incomplete because of pets lost irretrievably in the fires. However, due to experiences learned the hard way from Hurricane Katrina, many more pets stayed with their families and are still enjoying the security of their homes and relationships. Thank goodness that government learned that lesson.

But some phases of government are still bent on denying learning. And one lesson that is needed to be driven home is that killing so many of shelter intake is unnecessary. YEP! I have read Nathan Winograd’s great expose Redemption, and fully believe that he has told the ugly truth. This book is available at bookstores and, and I encourage all to get it to read it. And then I encourage you to take a little tme and get active politically regarding your local shelters and humane societies. Only you can make the critical difference this time.

January will be here in less than two months. Sometime in January, Assemblyman Lloyd Levine will try to resurrect a modified AB1634 from the California Sentate Local Governments Committee. The modifications have been made to appease the Committee Members, not the opposing public members such as myself. I do not believe that any form of modification of this bill will serve the public interest of the citizens of California. I believe that it will create expense, heartache, economic failure, jack-booted animal control agencies and huge legal expenses. All this to “PUNISH” a citizenry that has been stifled at every turn (almost) in finding a pet, finding their pet, and reducing the grotesque numbers of animal shelter killing of healthy, adoptable animals.

The very people that have brought down those annual killing sprees are the ones who are targeted by this bill. I am speaking of the dedicated rescues formed as adjuncts to purebred dog clubs and the independent purebred and other rescues that have been created out of the good hearts of folks striving to make a difference. And what a difference they have made!!! For at least 20 years the number of dogs killed has been reduces from 5% to 11% annually in shelters across the nation. It is half what it was 15 years ago, or even less than that.

The shelters are now killing mostly feral cats, whose only crime has been to get caught while trying to make a living. Because of their “reputed” wildness, they have been deemed unadoptable, then killed, including their baby kittens without  even an attempt to socialize them. Winograd points out a huge reduction in feral cats was brought about with a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program in San Francisco. The cats were returned to their familiar areas, where they continued to eradicate rodents and insects during their normal lifespan without reproducing themselves.

There are six iniatives circulating, each to take a particular bite out of AB1634. Find them and affix your legitimate signature. One of these intiatives is composed by Mr. Winograd himself. The one I like best is the one changing the California Constitution to define dogs as personal property, thereby limiting the right of government agencies to sieze them from you without due compensation. (You mean you did not know they could do that? And they can charge you for their care at exhorbitant fees, and any veterinary medical fees they so deem!) Find the iniatives and sign, sign, sign!!!

And read the book. You will learn how certain bureaucracies and humane societies have been feathering their own nest at your expense!

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An Extremely Important Article-Affects AB1634 Time to update watchdates and be prepared

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  • 1. cupbeans  |  Tuesday, December 18, 2007 at 3:14 am

    I was told by an animal lover friend that the situation here in Israel is much worse then in the US. She returned from a year in Seattle and was very impressed. But reading you I see that in some area the situation here in Israel is much better.

    There is a war going on against the shelters that kill healthy adoptable dogs, most people work with the private associations and boycott the municipal ones.

    There was even a story when puppy’s were illegally important to the country – from an expansive breed, and the head of the warehouses on the airport risked her job to get them out and get them medical attention – while the veterinary service agriculture office demanded they won’t enter the country and their safety was at risk.

    Municipal veterinaries can be fired for cruelty even if they act upon the orders of the city principals so the unnecessary killing is diminishing rapidly.

    I hope the situation improve for you too. No dog or cat should be killed if there is another path possible for them


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