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“Animal rights is mental illness masquerading as philosophy.”

Surely there is no deeper form of mental illness than the belief that
one’s own kind are so deeply, permanently, and seriously corrupt that
we cannot be fixed and must simply be quarantined — kept away from
all other forms of life to avoid irreparable damage to those species.

The doctrine of original sin holds that we are all ‘damaged goods,’
but that redemption is possible through faith, worship, and (possibly)
righteous living. The same idea — that we are naturally imperfect but
may improve, do good, and perhaps even BE good — is found in many
belief systems. Because these beliefs give us a plan for action that
will (if followed) improve not just ourselves but our civilization,
they are healthy by any reasonable definition.

But not animal rights. If you follow the logic, it leads nowhere but
‘down and out’ for humankind, with collateral damage for many species
of animals. Regardless of what higher power you believe in, it is
impossible that that power intends that his one unique creation — the
only species able to think about the ‘animal rights’ philosophy —
should self-destruct on the wish of such a tiny fraction of its

Walt Hutchens
Timbreblue Whippets

The above quote and words of Walt Hutchens, moderator for Pet-Law@yahoo groups.com , are ideal for dog fanciers to use in encouraging people less educated and aware of the insidious goals of the animal rights movement to study the real aims of that perverted group. Once the facts of deceit become visible to even the most casual observers, the whole political scene will change, and more care will be taken to determine the ultimate results of laws passed for the “protection” of animals. And, perhaps, the ultimate  law for the real protection of animals, the removal of the tax free status of PETA and HSUS, will finally happen.

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Time to update watchdates and be prepared Another Cross-post from Pet-Law@yahoogroups.com

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