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May I suggest that readers subscribe to the above list. Then this blogger can post my own compositions, though not as agilely written as below. The below is posted so that all dog fanciers and dog lovers can see, in one writing, all the tactics being taken by the ARs (Animal Rights groups) in trying to discredit and control the rest of us. If 67% of our households have pets, and they gain a large degree of control over those households, then do they not have a large degree of control over the majority? And where to next? It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Read on and find out who are the NAZIS and who are the FASCISTS!-your blogger

Blog (Pacelle) … Effective Philanthropy (with commentary by Brat Z

Posted by: “BRAT”   bratzinsmaster

Fri Dec 21, 2007 6:36 pm (PST)

EFFECTIVE PHILANTROPHY Wayne Pacelle says “Support us, and we’ll show you results.” By supporting the Humane Society of the United States, contributors are also supporting the HSUS AGENDA!! We all know that will take us down a black hole. They have no understanding of the human-animal bond. Pacelle is working overtime to pitch their good deeds to anyone with a wallet. PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY WHEN MAKING YOUR CHARITABLE DONATIONS! We are being blasted here DAILY in the State of California by the AB1634 “coalition” (Judie Mancuso & Ed Boks) with their mantra that we are all greedy, evil breeders dodging our taxes. Don’t they know it’s Christmas? Can’t they take a break and allow everyone to enjoy their holidays, their families, and a peaceful conclusion to the year? There is plenty of time and opportunity to beat their dead horse in 2008. Can the coalition only achieve happiness when everyone else is miserable, too? Where is Lloyd Levine these days? He remains
oddly silent. Has he been muzzled? Does his race for the Senate preclude him from continuing with AB1634? Oh, joy! That would be excellent news. Has he turned over all reigns to ONE individual so he can focus on lightbulbs, his upcoming nuptials, and the Senate? When can we all expect their next bomb to drop? (I do hate surprises.) Could someone give me an idea of the frequency of lies I am going to have to endure in 2008 so I know how often to be sick to my stomach? Possibly the coalition can simply print a schedule now and distribute it widely to one and all informing us WHEN they will do our thinking for us and WHEN all decisions will be made for us. Possibly they could take every third week off and I can catch up with other more important matters in my life (doing the laundry, paying bills, getting a manicure, and spending time with my husband and dog). I did ask Santa for a new laptop, a new fax machine, a bluetooth headset for my cellphone, and 8,742
more reams of paper. Naturally, I promised to leave a vegan cookie or two with a glass of soy by my door “if” Santa comes through for me. I am curious, however, about one thing. If we are all greedy breeders stockpiling gobs of money from our frequent and successful breedings with 18 puppies in each litter that all sell for $5,000 per puppy and are miraculously all healthy, then why would HSUS and other animal rights organizations even “want” our tainted money? Remember … We are evil!!! We must be destroyed. I am certain Pacelle would NOT ask to see my W-2 “before” accepting a contribution. I am certain that the “coalition” would gleefully accept my great repositories of currency if they thought they could get their hands on my money to finance their campaign here in the State of California. Perhaps I will make a wee donation to Social Compassion in Legislation. (Cash only. Would never let them have access to my credit card information.) Do you think they
will return my money “if” they knew that I was their next funding source? How scrupulous would they be? Who is paying the bills for the AB1634 coalition? Publicists and “legal beagles” don’t come cheap. Professionally-produced videos and commercials aren’t being given away at the local Piggly Wiggly (usually reserved for PETA). It costs money to travel the state for salon brunches and other gatherings to “educate” the masses and discuss strategy. It has been appearing all over the internet this week (in Ed Boks’ blog at Los Angeles Animal Services and in the postings by Judie Mancuso to the faithful) that ANYONE that opposes California Assembly Bill 1634 needs to have their finances scrupulously reviewed by the Internal Revenue Service. In fact, I do believe they are encouraging others to point fingers and turn on their friends. Perhaps 2008 will be remembered as the year that we ALL go underground. Now, don’t forget to check your tailpipes daily, install those
spycams around your home/property, and NEVER talk with strangers. You don’t know who might be listening. What exactly is the financial bounty for someone that has produced a litter of puppies? Will the bounty hunters get more money if they turn in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder vs. a Golden Retriever breeder? (My apologies to the breeds.) Will the bounty hunters get a feather in their cap that will fast track them to a new career with the Humane Society of the United States? How much do I have to donate to get a title? I want to be an “expert”, too. The HSUS is very good at giving titles out like candy. Through the gracious effort of an AB1634 coalition “lawyer friend,” we all are being informed of tax code as it relates to a “hobby”. It doesn’t make a bit of difference if the information is inaccurate, misleading, or out-of-date. Just so that their information gets out there and … spin, spin, spin … lets create some chaos!! If they can’t sell
AB1634 any other way, they will paint a picture that “educates” the legislators that “greedy breeders” are responsible for the economic woes in our great state. After all, aren’t we the “real reason” that the state is going to financial hell? Border Puppy Task Force, imported dogs, and smuggled dogs by the thousands. What? “Not relevant!!” says the coalition. The coalition cannot sell AB1634 on merit. They cannot prove this bill will save either money OR lives. They cannot tout other county shelter systems as models to emulate. Just this week, it was revealed (thanks, media!) that two other counties have either had grand jury indictments or are facing grand jury scrutiny in the shelters for mismanagement, animal cruelty, and needless euthanasia. Yesterday, Los Angeles County shelters took a bullet (well-placed by volunteers)! The coalition has painted themselves into a corner using Santa Cruz as a role model. The volunteers and shelters workers in Santa Cruz
are not playing nicely in the sandbox together. Their General Manager is leaving in a few weeks the local newspaper reports. Workers there staged a sickout when they heard the news. They feared speaking with the media. Sounds like trouble in River City to me. I was informed this week that their shelter population is at a serious high and dogs are being moved out to the SPCA, other boarding facilities, and foster homes with placement partners. Can someone explain why Santa Cruz shelters are heavily populated? Obviously, their mandatory program is NOT working! Lloyd Levine’s “coalition” will continue to stuff Santa Cruz down everyone’s throats for another year and insist that Santa Cruz is the best thing since sliced bread. We all know that NOT to be the truth but, hey, I didn’t major in deceit and manipulation in college. What do I know? I’ll just obediently (and quietly if the coalition had their druthers) sit here like a bump on a log and wait for them to tell
me how to be responsible. Sadly for the coalition, I am a free thinker (and quite vocal, too) and so are thousands of my other free-thinking friends that I have had the very good fortune to meet in a virtual environment this year thanks to Lloyd Levine. Let me ponder a moment. Possibly I should send a “thank you” card to the coalition because there have been some definite good things that have happened this year as an “unintended consequence” of AB1634. Great friendships have been made on our journey to “getting political” for Fido & Fluffy. The word “grassroots” has been redefined. Please read the latest HSUS blog whereby Wayne Pacelle informs us how wonderful they (HSUS) are and that they (HSUS) will continue “walking on water” in 2008 “if” you just SEND MONEY!! (see below)

Put in a fresh cartridge in your printer, dust off your fax machine, and find those mapquest directions that lead you back to Sacramento. We will kick AB1634 to the curb in 2008. This bill will soon go down in history as “The California (Un)Healthy Pet Act.” There is still NOTHING healthy about AB1634!

Wishing you the true blessings of the season …
peace of mind, joy of heart, and love all around you.

Brat Zinsmaster P.S. As always, please feel free to share anything I write with your friends “unless” I have written “TOP SECRET: NOT TO BE SHARED WITH AB1634 COALITION” in the subject line. Now … which way to the beach?
<> December 21, 2007 Effective Philanthropy There are a staggering 1.5 million charities in the United States. There are, perhaps, about 12,000 charities devoted to helping animals, most of them local groups performing animal sheltering or rescue work. Of all charitable giving in the United States, animals attract less than 1 percent, though the total dollars directed to the cause enable a wealth of good works.
Since its earliest days, when the first anti-cruelty societies were given state charters and, eventually, tax-exempt status, organized animal protection has been a part of American philanthropy’s historic tradition. And charitable giving is as old as the nation itself. The 19th-century French political thinker Alexis de Tocqueville was one of the first to take note of the vitality of American philanthropy, and to note how deeply linked it is to the ideals of American democracy.

Americans are a remarkably generous people, and they are giving extraordinary amounts to support the vast number of charities created during the last three decades. Where would we be without private citizens and their contributions of financial support and volunteer resources to the nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations which serve the public good across a wide range of areas? It is these groups that drive social service activity, public policy changes, corporate social responsibility and, as a general matter, call us to act in ways that are decent and good and other-centered.

When contemplating a gift to an organization, you can check out or to see the group’s basic information on operations and finances.
In 2006, The HSUS’s program expenses as a percentage of total expenses were 81 percent, greatly exceeding the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance standard of 65 percent or more. The HSUS also meets every financial and administrative standard set by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, which assesses the nation’s charities to determine whether they meet some 20 voluntary benchmarks on matters like finances, donation appeals, and governance. And Charity Navigator gives The HSUS a four-star rating, the highest possible rating.

While The HSUS measures up well in the assessments of these charity watchdogs, I believe the criteria set by these groups are narrow and provide an incomplete portrait of a nonprofit’s work. An organization may have good ratios of program expense to fundraising and administration, and may have regular board meetings, but it may not be particularly effective or powerful. It may look good on paper, but it may not drive social change in any meaningful way. And that’s really what most Americans want when they donate to charities.

At The HSUS, we pride ourselves on being effective advocates and demonstrating a return on donors’ investments. This year, for instance, we helped to pass 86 new state laws to protect animals—smashing the record-setting number established just a year earlier. We prevailed in the courts and helped shut down all of the U.S.-based horse slaughter plants. We helped usher in a wide range of corporate reforms, including the nation’s largest pork producer, Smithfield, agreeing to phase out gestation crates, food service giant Compass Group deciding not to purchase eggs from battery cage operators, and Wolfgang Puck implementing a range of humane reforms. We helped arrest hundreds of animal fighters. And we rescued thousands of animals from puppy mills, hoarders, and disaster zones, along with caring for thousands of animals at our network of animal sanctuaries.

In looking at charities, take a look not just at their fundraising-to-program ratios, but what kind of impact they are making. By that measure, your HSUS stands tall, and that’s why I feel confident and comfortable in asking you to support our work. Support us, and we’ll show you results.

Posted by Wayne Pacelle on 21 December 2007

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A new realization. New Year Resolution

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  • 1. cupbeans  |  Sunday, December 23, 2007 at 4:11 am

    I tend to agree that in regards to animal rights the impact that HSUS organization does is truly amazing when thinking about the financial resources.

    Keep on the good work.

    Just one comment, it is better to avoid repeating the ideas of the ignorant and hateful ones. If you give them place, they gain power, walk toward your goal and not against somebody else.

    If you explain things in the right way there is no way those groups could gain power.


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