New Year Resolution

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 at 7:58 pm Leave a comment

I suppose it is that time again-to review personal achievements of this past year, and more important, to see where we fell short of our personal and group goals. This process allows us to know where wwe stand, and may either encourage us or discourage us, depending upon our or choice of viewpoint. Get that? Our own CHOICE of viewpoint!

So, at this time I am reviewing this past year as a dog OWNER (not just guardian, a weasel word to diminish my importance to my dogs in my mind) and reflecting on my accomplishments to keep on being.

First, the sport and hobby upon which the very nature of purebred dogs rests came under the most serious attack ever. This was AB1634, which still threatens to devastate owner’s rights, wipe out california dog shows, economically crush the state by eliminating over TEN BILLION DOLLARS of regular commerce associated with dogs and cats as pets and generated in part by dog and cat shows, and make criminals of the resulting underground of both serious breeders and the  bootleggers that will result. This threat has been battled to a standstill, temporarily halted by a wise committee in the California State Senate. Unless the Committe and the rest of the Senate realistically bear down on this bill’s originators and convince them it is really not workable for today’s society, AB1634 will rise again and may actually pass. That would be the darkest day in California’s history since the Japanese internments during WWII.

I hereby RESOLVE: To NEVER GIVE UP FIGHTING AB1634 until it has been abandoned by it’s proponents forever!

But Ab1634 would have never even occurred, had not someone of muddled mind persuaded an incompetent elected Assemblyperson that it was a good idea. So there is more work to to in regard to this.

I hereby RESOLVE: TO WORK to EDUCATE my fellow citizens regarding AB1634 and other future bills that would equally castrate our citizenry of their rights and freedoms whether they be regarding animals and the dog fancy or not. This means I should also shed light upon the nature of candidates for office and whether their intelligence, political alliances or personality are likely to be good for the rest of us. This also means that you will hear of the many scams and falsehoods perpetrated by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

I hereby RESOLVE: To work for the REVOCATION of the CHARITABLE CORPORATION STATUS of PETA and HSUS. There are many local charitable organizations working for animals that can use California’s share of the $300 MILLION that HSUS gets tax free-and the $128 Million that PETA gets tax free. Californians can get more results donating locally and watch their money at work.

And, this is going to be easy and foolproof-I hereby RESOLVE: To be the BEST DOG OWNING PERSON I CAN BE.


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