Dogs In Housing Crisis

Sunday, December 30, 2007 at 10:13 am Leave a comment

This web site has received a growing number of calls from good citizens who own dogs that are having to re-locate. Their major problem has been to find housing that will let them keep their dogs. Landlords, it seems, have not yet learned to evaluate people well enough to discern which families with dogs will be good tenants and which will not. They may just not care enough, or they may have had a bad experience (or know others who have) that forever sets their mind to preclude dog owning families.

So now, we ask our readers for help, while we update the web site to provide as much information as possible regarding rescues, boarding facilities and dog welcoming properties. IF you are a realtor, or know a realtor who has dog welcoming properties for rent or lease, please contact the websit  by email or our toll free phone number. We will help you get good occupants and leases whenever possible.

One of our typical cases is a family with children and two dogs that are professionally trained. These dogs have been in many different environments with their family from hiking to attending outdoor events such as concerts and picnics. They have never had a neighbor complaint nor a visit from animal regulation. All their shots and licenses are up to date. They are quiet and unobtrusive. They have been indoor-outdoor dogs. The home they are leaving has no chewed places and no spots on the carpet. Yet, the efforts to find ahome that they can accompany the family to has been in vain. This is certainly going to be a very heartbreaking experience for them, unless someone miraculously helps out. And this is not the only case.

Let’s get going here, or the case for AB1634 will gain momentum, while we lose ground.

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