Spreading insanity among lawmakers

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 at 3:14 pm Leave a comment

As if AB1634 was not enough, it has become known that Arizona has had HB 2516-an almost word for word copy- introduced in their House of Representatives. And it was AKC that spread the word first

This should point out that this nation is highly infiltrated by a serious bunch of people bent on domination of the freedoms of it’s citizens, beginning with the freedom to own the pet of your choice. This is a real conspiracy, with social psychologists hired by animal rights groups, evaluating the strength of their media campaigns, helping them decide when to engage the public in battle.  But what this boils down to folks, is that there are some people out there who feel that you do not have the good sense and responsibility to govern your pet’s life-and they , and only they, do.

Are you folks going to sit back and take that kind of insult? If you do, you deserve what you get. If you are like the most of us, you will get up and call your state Senator and say you unalterably oppose AB1634, and then send them a letter saying the same thing. Before you mail that letter, send it to them as a fax. Then show it to your neighbors and suggest they join you in opposition.

This is an internal fight to save a very important part of our heritage and freedoms.

The most frightening thing is this: People who accomplish things in one field are often looked upon as being competent, knowledgeable and expert in other fields. Should AB1634 pass, the same groups want to do away with the consumption of meat and would be extremely happy to force vegetarianism upon us all.

Stop them now and keep dinner intact-as well as the family cat and dog.

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