Vote to kill another political lie

Monday, February 4, 2008 at 1:47 pm Leave a comment

Tomorrow Californians go to the polls. There is more at stake than the next presidential candidate. At stake is the very integrity of the California legislature as the citizens want it.

Prop. 93 is purported to actually reduce the terms of office for lawmakers. And it will-AFTER IT EXTENDS THE TERMS OF TODAY’S INCUMBENTS FOR SIX HORRIBLE YEARS. Yep, that is what will happen. Those incompetent jerks will get to be re-elected for six years more in office. The competent ones will also, but they are not clamboring for Prop 93 passage. They are musing over the irony of having to leave it up to the people and hope they do not extend the terms possible for the jerks they have worked alongside. In a word, these honorable public servants are sacrificing their possible re-election to help rid the government of deadwood and poison ivy. Hats off to those who still have faith in the people!!!

Why are we interested in this proposition? LLoyd Levine, the source of push behind AB1634 is one of those being termed out. To retain the necessary influence to get it passed, he would then have to run for the Senate-and he can be defeated.

Now is the time for all PET OWNERS and dog and cat fanciers to get out and vote. Who can you give a ride? Who can you help get to the polls? What can you do to kill Prop 93? Who can you tell the real facts and get them to vote NO onProp 93? Answer those questions for yourself and then get to work doing it. Only your actions will make a difference in your life!.

Abraham Lincoln said,” To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” Please do not give yourself room to think of yourself as a coward. Act now, and say, “I tried as hard as I could, and I made a difference.”

And all California shall be better for it. 

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Politics during Politics Thanks, but do not dismount. We are about to CHARGE!

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