Thanks, but do not dismount. We are about to CHARGE!

Thursday, February 7, 2008 at 6:00 pm Leave a comment

Dear Californians who voted to defeat Prop 93. Thank you so much for your wisdom. Wait until there is another proposition that does not extend bad officeholders to shorten the terms of legislators reasonably. The people won, and will continue to win, with their combined wisdom.

Now, it is time to tell all your neighbors about AB1634.

AB1634 will not:

1. make pets healthier, 2. reduce the numbers of animals in the public shelters, 3. lower the animal control cost of government, 4. Contribute in any positive way to the California lifestyle, no matter which part of California you enjoy for a home.

AB1634 will:

1. increase the cost of animal control to the government, 2. increase the cost of licensing your pet, 3. Hugely increase the cost of keeping your animal intact as God made them, 4. decrease the rabies vaccination and licensing rate, 5. Increase the incidence of rabies through decreasing the vaccination rate, 6. Cause unintended distortions in growth of your pet due to the lack of sexually created hormones that stop the growth of long bones (due to the young age made mandatory for time of castration), 7. cause behaviour problems in pets, due to the lack of sexual hormone guidance associated with sexual roles, 8. Prevent you from obtaining the dog you want by forcing out competent, caring hobby breeders of purebred dogs, leaving only the mass produced dogs from commercial farms to be sold through pet stores, 9. Cost the state of California a minimum of $14 Billion per annum by year five after passage as animal related businessed dry up and blow away from lack of business, 10. Put groomers, trainers, animal transportation specialists, veterinarians, and dog and cat clubs out of work and existence, 11. forever alter the nature of the purebred dogs and cats, as it is the hobby breeders, through the shows, that select for the best possible breeding stock-by eliminating the hobby breeders and the shows, 12. Ruin the happiness of many families by creating a situation of fear of the animal control people and the police who will have the power to cite, arrest, and fine those who do not comply-Or just seize their dog(s).

Twelve good and resourced reasons should be enough to defeat this bill, don’t you think? There are many more, and if that isn’t enough for you then please comment and ask for more.

The main thing is to defeat this bill when it is slithered out of it’s cage in the Senate Local Governments Committee fairly soon. Then examine every other bill and stop taking this crap from unethical and downright cruel legislators who are so ignorant they cannot find their backsides with both hands.

And that may well include Mary Salas, Assemblywoman from Chula Vista, who deceitfully claimed she was probably going to vote against it, abstained so her vote would count with the majority, AND GAVE A SUBSTANTIAL FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION TO THE PASSAGE OF AB1634 IN THE ASSEMBLY!!! En Garde, Mary. We are now a vote mower.

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