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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 2:03 pm Leave a comment

Dear Readers and Commenters:

While it may seem that we have been negligent and lazy lately, posting infrequently and using cross-posts rather than original thought, we have been extremely busy.

The purpose of was to be a prototype sight for all dog owners, to assist them in their life with dogs – and to improve both the lives of the people and the dogs. Then, the site would be replicated for all major cities in the United States. That was the plan, and it was as expensive as it was bold.

Then, advanced Internet technology was revealed to us, as well as some really top notch expertise in the form of two engineers. And the cost came down to reasonable, while the expansion became possible.

Within a short, but indeterminate, period of time this site will encompass all of the United States. Some outlying areas of cities will necessarily be included with the larger areas, rather than have their own intense information area. That is an economy we still have to perform. Some things just cost too much for what they do

This new format of our site, All City Dogs, will be as complete as you can make it.That’s right-as YOU can make it. You will be able to upload all the info about your clubs, businesses and events as concern your area right from your computers. Once we review the info it will be posted immediately.

And we will still have the Blog, but with easier comment posts – and more original content than recently.

So, Dog Fanciers and Civil Rights Advocates keep tuned and be ready to participate to the Nth degree. We are sure you will enjoy the new look, feel and bark of our sight.

San Diego Dog



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