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One of the problems facing the dog fancy today is that our political opponents, HSUS and PETA  have millions of dollars and some assumed stature to impress important people in power. And they are mounting an all-out attack on the American way of life using those assets.

All we have are some statistics that say there is $41 Billion spent on pets annually in the United States. Sure, we also have a good estimate on the number of households that have cats, and those with dogs, the percentages of compliance with dog licensing, the average percentage of spayed/neutered dogs in the communities and the FACT that dog shelter populations have been reducing their annual populations by 5% to 11% every year for a number of years – over a decade, in fact.

We even can prove that no-kill shelters are immediately achievable.

Still, it does no good to demonstrate all these facts in the face of politicians who do not listen to us because their eyes are blinded by money thrown into their campaigns for re-election. They go selectively deaf, also. In some cases, it is simply party affiliation that robs their minds of learning and independent thinking.

But…… What if there were a way to amass all the LOCAL information that could help us make our case? Part of the problem is that politicians may see that $41 Billion is spent nationally, but they are just actors a town somewhere in Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida or California. Or anywhere. THEY are not “nationally.” And that much money is too damn much for them to comprehend anyway. They can’t think further than that. That is why they became politicians, right?

Maybe we have a way to get it all together. But we will have to work on it, hard and quick.

The owner of this websight has been wanting to expand “nationally” from the very first. This is a good sight, and has served the community of San Diego County very well. But it has been limited to San Diego County, and duplicating it for each and every community in the country would have just about equaled the national debt. So, brains went to work and have built a basic structure for most of the country, and, with your help, can cover it all. It is called .

This site will take self-posted listings for dog clubs of many categories, dog-related businesses (relationships must be stated in the self -description, like in the posting of a garage or carpet cleaner or resturant to go to after the shows), kennels,veterinarians, breeders, trainers, and many other categories. Clubs can post links to their own web site . Events per area can be posted. And all of this is free,FREE!!!

Now, for those communities having legislative problems, soon to be everywhere, how do you show those knuckleheaded doo-gooders how many folks they are hammering?  Well, one good way would be to show them this web site with all the listings crammed full of self posted stuff for their community. The related business do contribute sales taxes and most business owners vote! And the citizens sure do vote. So, how many are going to get re-elected when they vote to outlaw sixteen breeds of the most popular dogs in town and affect all those people? Or that they will eliminate 36 years of selective breeding that is currently one of the best three lines in North America? But, you have to show them in terms they understand and make offers they cannot refuse.

And to do that, you have to get everybody involved NOW. All dog clubs, associations, activities, related businesses (show me one that just isn’t related and I will tell you that you have no imagination), dependent businesses and interests need to list on this site NOW! Build up your numbers. Numbers do mean both influence and money! Even if that money comes indirectly from taxes, it is still easily associated. Some politicians are only dumb in the direction of who they think are pre-destined losers. Though, most are so ignorant they appear dumb and dumber and swallow lies easily through practiced association with their own kind.

The only obstacle I can see holding anyone back from doing a listing is the years of paranoia learned from being in the dog fancy. And we must overcome it. We can do that if we will just realize that the ARFs (Animal Rights Fascists) are both cowards and clever. They are clever enough to not quite expose their true agenda while promoting these horrible unconstitutional laws. And they know they can retreat for awhile and gather more money from the gullible all-the-timers and fight again. So, gather that info on and gird yourselves for a small skirmish and win. Then it will be time to prepare for the big battles.

The ARFs have only to lose some time and maybe some face – and maybe future money from contributions.

We stand to lose a lifetime of good work, a whole social sub-set, years of future enjoyment and some of the most basic of our freedoms.

We have more to lose than they do, let’s fight like it!

This post has been modified to eliminate some possibly offensive language.


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