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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 8:25 am

Assemblyman Lloyd Levine saw he did not have the votes to win this early battle in the passage of AB1634-the bill that would harm lots of older intact dogs, cause untold expense by responsible citizens, destroy the honorable works of many years by responsible dog fanciers, remove dog shows as an educational tool and measure of effort by dog breeders, and remove a very significant part of the California tourism industry.

I am sure that he is wondering why, with all that going for it, he couldn’t just ram it down the throats of the citizens of California.

So, he asked for a two week recess that he could pay more reliable volunteers to appear on his bill’s behalf. The last showing, by general account, had 115 showing up for him, and 114 showing up opposing the bill. It has to be a wider count than that for any committee to give serious thought to passage. The purpose of the recess , continuance, delay is simply for Assemblyman Levine to marshall more bodies, collect thoughts, gather some empty headed celebrities to wow the Busines and Profession Committee into rolling over and giving this terribly conceived bill the go-ahead.

Those opposed must do the same thing, only better! NOW!

There are serious constitutional issues here! There is far more at stake than just dog ownership. How about your right to decide what medical procedures get performed upon your dog, by who, and when? Do you own the dog,or cat, except for it’s reproductive capacity? Or does the state, county or city own that? They would take even your right to say “I will never breed my dog.” And just force the point.

And since the most strident supporters of this bill are indeed vegetarians, would they then expand it to farm livestock? What would happen to the food supply then? You may think this is an exaggeration of the potential danger, but it is a simple extension of the goals of the groups providing the greatest impetus for this bill. Visit  for better proof than I have space for here.

April 24 is D-Day for dog and cat lovers in California. That is the date next scheduled to re-hear AB1634 in the California Assembly Business and Professions Committee. Where will you be counted? Does you Assemblyperson know where you stand? Do you know who your Assemblyperson is? Do you know their Phone, and FAX numbers? Do you have their email address? If they don’t have your opinion, and you do not know how to reach them, and you oppose this bill, start learning those things or start packing for a state with some semblance of sense remaining.

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